Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research (IRB-HSR)


Training Status

There are several different ways one can determine the status of CITI training.

1. Use the "Search HSR Protocols" link
(Use this option if you are NOT listed on the Protocol in IRB Online)

On the left hand menu, click the link called "Search IRB-HSR Protocols." Select name of individual in the "investigator search" menu and click "Go." Near the top of the page you will see the words "Training Completed" with the information you need. If the training is expired and needs to be renewed, the word "expired" will also appear.

2. Use “IRB Online” link
(Use this option if you are listed on the Protocol in IRB Online)

On the left hand menu, click on the link called "Protocol Builder & IRB Online." Click "Login" and enter your username and password. (Or click "first time users" if applicable) Under "Select a Protocol" select the IRB protocol # from the dropdown menu. Then, on that same page, under "Select a view type" click next to the word "Protocol." At the bottom of the screen, click on the button "View Protocol." All of the names listed on that protocol will appear. They are each a link. Click on any of the names, and the last training completion date for that person will appear toward the middle of the page.

3. Check the CITI website:
(Use this option if you are looking for only your own training)

Login to CITI (UVA Netbadge). On the Main Menu page, click “University of Virginia Courses”. For courses that you have successful completed, under the word "Status" it will say "Passed" and list your training completion date. Under “My Learner Tools for the University of Virginia”, choose “View Previously Completed Coursework” to print out a completion certificate and to view your coursework history.


There are several different ways one can obtain a training certificate. 
The IRB-HSR staff are no longer providing these certificates unless it is an emergency.
Contact Susie Hoffman at 924-9634

  1. A training certificate is provided to the study team for each new Protocol and Grant approval.  This training certificate is also provided at the time of each continuation review of a protocol.  This form lists all individuals listed as personnel on the protocol or grant. 
  2. Print out the Training Certificate at the time you take the CITI training and keep it with your records.
  3. Obtain your own individual training certificate from the CITI website- see #3 above.
    NOTE:  DO NOT use this option for Grant applications. 
  4.   If you need the training certificate of another person, contact them and they may obtain the certificate from the CITI website – see #3