Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research (IRB-HSR)

Getting Started

Protocol Submission Process

  1. Develop protocol idea
  2. Obtain IRB Approval of Grant
  3. Use Protocol Builder
  4. Pre-Review: Full Board Review
  5. Pre-Review: Expedited Review
  6. Pre-Review: Exempt, or Non-Engaged Application
  7. Review Outcomes
  8. Enrollment of subjects following approval
  9. Advertising for subjects
  10. Notice of Privacy Practices

1. Develop protocol idea

2. Obtain IRB Approval of Grant. (Not required if the study is funded by the FDA or a federal agency that follows the Common Rule). This is rare for the IRB-HSR (e.g. grant from Department of Justice).COMMON RULE AGENCIES

3. Use Protocol Builder

4. Full Board Review: Pre-Review

5.  Expedited Review: Pre-Review

6.  Exempt, or Non-Engaged Application: Pre-Review

7.  Review Outcomes

8. Enrollment of Subjects Following Approval

9. Advertising for Subjects

10. Notice of Privacy Practices