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About :: IRB-SBS board members

IRB-SBS Membership Roster

For more information about the IRB Board and how it functions, please see Full Board Meeting.


  1. Tonya Moon (Chair, Education)
  2. Marty Block (Education)
  3. Lise Dobrin (Anthropology)
  4. Chad Dodson (Psychology)
  5. Pryor Hale (Community Member, Psychology)
  6. Amy Halliday (Non-Scientist)
  7. Kathryn Laughon (Nursing)
  8. Albie LaFave (Prisoner Rep., Non-Scientist)
  9. John Lloyd (Education)
  10. Julie Martin (Non-Scientist)
  11. Christina Morell (Non-Scientist)
  12. Robert Tai (Education)
  13. Prue Thorner (Non-Scientist)
  14. Norman Woolworth (Community Member, Non-Scientist)

Education Alternates:

  1. Luke Kelly
  2. Bob Pianta

Psychology Alternates:

  1. Chad Dodson
  2. Angel Lillard
  3. Bobbie Spellman
  4. Eric Turkheimer
  5. Dan Willingham
  6. Tim Wilson
  7. Brian Nosek
  8. Charlotte Patterson

Nursing Alternate:

  1. Pam Kulbok

Anthropology Alternate:

  1. Eve Danziger