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About :: IRB-SBS mission statement

IRB-SBS Mission Statement

The purpose of the IRB-SBS is to promote the ethical use of human participants in research studies conducted by the faculty, staff, and students at the University of Virginia.  Our staff and board members are dedicated to protecting research participants by verifying that research is conducted in compliance with CFR 45:46 and in accordance with the ethical principals described in the Belmont Report.  The research process brings multiple parties together including researchers, participants, the government, and the University.  The IRB-SBS office serves these parties by reviewing research and providing recommendations on how research should proceed, as well as providing education and training for our research community.

The staff and Board works with researchers to understand how to successfully navigate the IRB process while still advocating for participant protection.  It is our responsibility to see that our processes are efficient and thorough, and we strive to make our interactions with researchers both professional and helpful, and our direction insightful and informative.

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