Institutional Review Board for Social and Behavioral Research (IRB-SBS)

iProtocol Guide

Proof of Permission / Permission to Access Data Source and Participant Group

Some participant populations and archival data sources require additional permissions to access. For example, you may be required to receive permission from a school’s district in order to conduct a study at that location. As another example, you may be required to obtain permission to use a social media platform to conduct research. If additional permissions are required to conduct a study, describe the requirement here and upload any supporting documents (if available).

How to complete this section:

  1. Upload a “Proof of Permission” document in the “Proof of Permission” section.
  2. In the “Permission to Access Data Source and Participant Group Section” complete the first question. If there are rules and/or restrictions to accessing a data source or participant group, select “yes” to the first question. If there are no rules or restrictions, select “no” and go on to the next section (skip the steps below).
  3. Describe the rules and your process for navigating the rules in the next text box.
  4. Select “edit associations.”
  5. On the “Edit Associations” page, your data sources and participant groups will be listed with all available “proof of permission” uploads below each (if you haven’t uploaded a “proof of permission” this option will not be available). Select the check box next to the proof of permission to indicate the association.
  6. Once you done, select “Continue.” You will you receive a confirmation that the action is complete. Select “return to protocol” to continue editing the protocol.