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Continuation Review Process

As stated previously, your protocol will be reviewed in the meeting prior to its expiration date. Unlike a new protocol or modification request, a continuation request does not need pre-review.  If the protocol was expedited and/or exempt and did not receive full board review for its initial review or if modifications to the protocol changed the protocol’s risk level so that it is appropriate to expedite the protocol, the continuation request will also be expedited. If the protocol received full board review at its initial review and the risk level remains the same, the protocol will be reviewed at the full board meeting.

When your review is complete, you will receive an updated protocol approval letter and accompanying consent forms (when applicable). The consent forms will have updated expiration dates; please use the new versions of the forms for the next year.

What if my protocol expired?

If your protocol expires, you are required to resubmit the entire protocol for full review. It is important that you do not let your protocol expire. To submit an expired protocol, follow the directions in the Submitting a Continuation Request section. Include a protocol, consent forms, instruments, etc, as if you were submitting a new protocol. Our staff will contact you with further directions regarding your review.

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