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Submitting a Continuation Request

  • Please check your consent forms to make sure that they are correct and updated. Please note that contact information may have changed. Make sure that the title on the consent form matches the title on the protocol form. In the IRB-SBS contact information, please verify that the chair's name is Tonya Moon and make sure our contact information is correct.
  • Email a completed Continuation Request form and consent forms (if you use them in your study) to
  • Send a copy of the Continuation Request form with all appropriate signatures to the IRB-SBS office. Signed materials can be submitted by mail, fax (434-924-1992), or email (scanned document to
  • If your protocol is expired, you must submit the entire protocol again. Please submit the protocol form and any additional instruments, recruitment materials, and consent forms. For more information about submitting a protocol, see Submission.

When do I submit a Continuation Request?

You can submit a Continuation Request at any time.  However, the Board generally does not review a Continuation Request until the meeting prior to the protocol’s expiration date. The purpose of this procedure is to allow the researcher a full year of approval status. Once the Board approves the continuation, their approval is valid for one year from the date of the approval action. Approving a continuation early only means lost approval time for the researcher. For example, if the Board reviewed a protocol two months before the protocol’s expiration date (say in March instead of May), the researcher loses two months of approved time to conduct the study as the new approval period is from March to the next March (instead of May to the next May). Please note that you really can submit your Continuation Request at any time, so don’t hesitate to do it early. Our staff will ensure that the protocol is added to the correct meeting, even if it is a few months away. In order to include your continuation in an upcoming meeting, please submit it no later than the Monday one week prior to the meeting by 9 AM. (For example, if the meeting was on October 12th, you would need to submit the continuation by October 3rd.) 

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