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Consent Process

An informed consent process is the ethical foundation for any research involving human participants.  In addition, federal regulations require IRBs to ensure that participants are fully informed about a study before they agree to participate.  These regulations are based on the belief that researchers are ethically obligated to fully inform participants so the subjects can make a decision whether to participate that is based on a complete understanding of the risks and benefits of participation.  In addition, informed participants are better participants; they are more serious about participating in a study and they are better able to understand what a researcher needs to know about them and what is required of them. The type and extent of the consent process will depend on the kind of research you are conducting and the level of risk that is involved.

Section Topics

How Do I Develop a Consent Procedure?
Participant Recruitment
Informing Participants about the Study and Obtaining Consent

Documenting Informed Consent
Basic Consent Scenario
Special Consent Situations
When is Consent Not Required?
Record Keeping and Consent Forms
Tips for Writing a Consent Form and Using Consent Templates

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