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Ethnographic Research

Ethnography is a qualitative method for collecting data often used in the social and behavioral sciences.  Data are collected through observations and interviews, which are then used to draw conclusions about how societies and individuals function. Ethnographers observe life as it happens instead of trying to manipulate it in a lab.  Because of the unpredictability of life, ethnographers often find is challenging to nail down their projects in a protocol for the Board to review.  Nevertheless, the Board needs a good explanation of a study in order to approve it.  Helping the Board to understand the parameters of the study, the situations in which the participants will be contacted and will participate, and the risks involved will allow them to approve studies where some flexibility is needed. For Anthropology faculty and graduate students, the Ethnography Protocol Form was developed to assist in this process; please see the Ethnography Protocol Form for more information.

Section Topics

Study Procedures
Study Participant(s)
Informed Consent
>>Participant Recruitment
>>Informed Consent Process
>>Documenting Consent

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