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Participant Pools

Participant pools are a convenient way for researchers to access individuals (generally students) who are ready to participate in research. Student participant pools are generally organized around a particular discipline and help to facilitate students’ access to research as part of their educational experience as well. Participants in the pools often take pre-study measures that help researchers more efficiently access information about the participants without requiring the participants to take the same measures multiple times. In most cases, the students earn course credit, though they should be given other opportunities to earn course credit should they decide not to participate in a study. Although a student may be in a researcher’s class, when the researcher recruits from the larger pool (instead of directly in the class) it helps to remove potential coercion regarding grades (though the relationship between professor/researcher and student/participant should still be handled carefully; please see University Students as Participants for more information). If you are interested in using students from a participant pool, it is important that you consider the educational value that you can offer your participants and include the educational insight as part of their participation. The interaction you have with the student, particularly with the consent process and educational debriefing session, are opportunities for you to share more about your research and what it means to be a researcher, helping future researchers to better understand the process.

Section Topics

Creating a New Participant Pool
Using an Existing Participant Pool
>>Curry Pool
>>Psychology Pool
Education Debriefing Sessions for Participant Pools

>>What is Educational Debriefing?
>>What Information should be Included in an Educational Debriefing Statement?

>>Sample Educational Debriefing Statement

Additional Topics

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Research in an Educational Setting

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