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Find an Appropriate Faculty Sponsor and On-Site Supervisor (where appropriate)

All undergraduate and graduate researchers are required to have a faculty sponsor. Your faculty sponsor can be a great asset, so take the initiative to find one who will really be able to help you.  For example, if you are studying reading techniques in an elementary school setting, find a faculty sponsor who has some experience in this field.  If you are doing anthropology research, do not select a faculty member in the English department unless that person has adequate experience in the type of research you will conduct.  The Board may require a change in sponsor if they feel your current advisor is not able to adequately supervise your project.

If you will conduct your study abroad, or in a situation where you will not be able to keep in contact with your faculty sponsor, you will also need an on-site supervisor.  Undergraduate researchers are required to secure an on-site supervisor if you are conducting research outside of Charlottesville.  For example, if you are working in a clinic in South Africa, the Board will want you to have someone in South Africa available to help you with any issues that may arise, as well as advise you regarding cultural and procedural issues surrounding your study.

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