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Develop a Realistic Project

The Board considers student research to be training research.  It is a chance for you, a new researcher, to learn how to conduct a study, which is a valuable reason to conduct a study but does not necessarily justify putting participants at risk.  Hopefully you recognize that your student research is a learning experience that will build into a long career of productive research, and that as your experience grows, so will your opportunities to do riskier studies. Most student projects are not longitudinal studies but instead include a short amount of time where data is collected.  As a new researcher, you should consider focusing your data collection to a methodology that will be realistic to conduct.  For example, instead of trying to schedule in-depth interviews, observation, etc., consider developing an effective survey, which can be distributed and collected quickly while posing little risk to participants.  A simpler protocol is easier for the Board to review and approve (or even exempt), and you are more likely to successfully collect data that will lead to a strong paper.  

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