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Submissions :: Submitting a Protocol

Submitting a Protocol

If you are ready to go forward with your study and you need IRB approval to do so, then you are ready to submit a new protocol. A protocol describes to the Board the basic construct of the study, how and when participants will be recruited to the study, how and when consent will be obtained, what the participants will do in your study (including any risks/ benefits to them) and how the data will be collected, analyzed, and stored.

If you are new to the IRB-SBS or even a seasoned submitter, please take a moment to go through this section. Having a better understanding of the review process will help you to submit the right materials and get through your review faster.  If you have further questions, you can email us at, or you can ask your pre-reviewer.

This section is for new protocol submissions.  If you are submitting a modification, continuation, or a study closure, please see the Maintaining a Protocol section. As part of your submission, you may need to submit a consent form; please see Consent for more information. For a list of forms and other documents, see Forms. For additional guidance materials, see the Researcher’s Guide.

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Protocol Submission Process
Multi-Phase/ Multi Condition Studies
Protocol and Informed Consent Tips

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