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Researchers at UVa (and anyone listed as a researcher on an IRB protocol, whether employed by UVa or not) who want to conduct human subjects research are required to complete human subjects research training. Training is valid for three years and it is processed through CITI (UVA Netbadge login). A researcher or member of the research team is defined as any individual who is actively involved in the collection and/or analysis of human subjects data. Some individuals may act as “gatekeepers” to data and/or participants but they are not active in the data collection or analysis; for example, an individual manages an email contact list and sends an email for the researcher to advertise a study but does not obtain consent from participants or collect their data. Managing the email list and giving permission to the researcher to contact the potential participants does not make this individual a part of the research team. In most cases, gatekeepers are not part of the research team and they are not required to be listed on the protocol or complete CITI training. However, for some studies where the participants are more susceptible to risk, it may be necessary that all individuals involved complete CITI training as part of the measures to protect participant safety. If you have a question about who should be listed on your protocol, please contact our office.

Collaborative Institutional Training Institute or CITI offers human subjects research training and certification. As part of our federal-wide assurance, we have to verify that any researcher at UVa conducting human subjects research has adequate training for conducting that research. CITI offers a streamlined process that provides certification that is recognized not only at UVa but at a variety of institutions nationwide. If you are doing a multi-site study or plan to do research at another institution, your CITI training may be transferrable to the other institution (though the other institution may require additional training modules).

In general, the CITI training will take you through several learning modules that cover the core issues for conducting IRB compliant research. For each module, you will read through the learning guide and then answer multiple choice questions. In order to receive certification, you will need to answer 80% of the questions correctly; if you need to retake quizzes, that option is available. Because the exercises are divided into sections, you don’t have to complete the exercise in one sitting; instead the program will save your progress so that you can come back to the task at a later point if needed. Once your certification is complete, our office is automatically alerted (assuming you correctly used your UVa computing ID as your username; see New User for more information).

CITI provides training for general IRB topics (our training is tailored for social and behavioral sciences). Our office’s mandate is to educate researchers about IRB requirements and we have education events scheduled throughout the year, so check our calendar for upcoming events. If you are interested in a member of our staff giving a presentation about the IRB, please contact Bronwyn Blackwood. In addition, visit our Researcher’s Guide if you need to access more information about IRB compliance.  

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