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New User

A “new user” means that you have never completed CITI training before. If you have already completed CITI training at UVa, go to Refresher Course. If you already completed CITI training at another institute, go to Transfer Certification From Another Institute.

  1. Login to CITI's website (UVA Netbadge):
  2. Select Curriculum - University of Virginia.  On this screen, select the group(s) that most closely match your role in research. For most SBS researchers, you will select the fifth option under #1 Human Subjects Training (“Check this box if you are a social/behavioral/education researcher who does not involve prisoners in research (IRB-SBS researcher)”), unless you plan to work with prisoners in which case, you would select the next option. You do not need to select the “Social and Behavioral Responsible Conduct of Research Course” in question #4. Note to Board Members: If you are a researcher in addition to participating on the Board, please take the Board Member training and not the researcher training. DO NOT take the refresher course (eight option in #1) if you are taking CITI training for the first time. Select “Complete Registration” when you have made the correct selection on this page.
  3. You will be asked if you want to affiliate with another institution; unless you have another institution to add, select “finalize registration” You will receive a message stating that you need to check your email for a confirmation email to complete the registration process. Follow the link in the email to complete registration.
  4. After you have confirmed your registration through the confirmation email, log into your CITI account on the CITI website. You will arrive at the Main Menu page. To start the learning modules, select the “University of Virginia Courses” expansion tab to expand the UVa learning modules menu.
  5. Select the appropriate course listed in the UVa learning modules menu. Start by completing the “Integrity Assurance Statement.” Once you enter you answer at the bottom, select “submit” to return to the module gradebook (menu list for modules).
  6. You can now go through the five modules (possibly more if you are doing prisoner research) required to complete your CITI training. At the bottom of each module, you will be directed to complete the quiz for that section. Once the quiz is complete, select “submit” and the program will provide your score and review your responses. If you need to retake the section, you can “view the module again.” If not, continue to the next module.
  7. If you can’t complete the learning modules in one session, you can return at a later date without losing your progress. When you log into the website, you will be directed to complete the modules that you haven’t finished.
  8. Once you complete the modules, you can return to the “main menu.” You will know when you've successfully finished the CITI training requirement when you see “Passed” and your training completion date under the word "Status" on the Learners Menu screen. On this same page, you can print your completion certificate, but you don’t need to submit it to the IRB-SBS. The IRB-SBS will be notified that you have completed your training.

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