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CITI :: Refresher course

Refresher Course

Please note that you must take the Basic Modules first before you can do a refresher course. If it has been more than three years since you completed your original CITI training, it is time to take the refresher course. Log into your account on the CITI website (UVA Netbadge) to get started.

  1. Log into your CITI (UVA Netbadge) account.
  2. On the Main Menu page, select “Add a course or update your learner groups” (in dark red font in the middle of the page).
  3. In the Curriculum page, add the eight item under #1 Human Subjects Training (Check this box for IRB for social/behavioral/education research (IRB-SBS) Refresher Course).  Select “continue” at the bottom of the page.
  4. You will arrive at the Main Menu page. To start the refresher modules, look for “Enter” in red text in the middle of the page.
  5. Start by completing the “Integrity Assurance Statement.” Once you enter you answer at the bottom, select “submit” to return to the module gradebook (menu list for modules).
  6. You can now go through the five modules (possibly more if you are doing prisoner research) required to complete your CITI training. At the bottom of each module, you will be directed to complete the quiz for that section. Once the quiz is complete, select “submit” and the program will provide your score and review your responses. If you need to retake the section, you can “view the module again.” If not, continue to the next module.
  7. If you can’t complete the learning modules in one session, you can return at a later date without losing your progress. When you log into the website, you will be directed to complete the modules that you haven’t finished.
  8. Once you complete the modules, you can return to the “main menu.” How do you know when you've successfully finished the CITI training requirement? On the Learners Menu screen, you will see under the word "Status" it will say "Passed" in blue and list your training completion date.  (If not, it will say “not passed” in red and provide a link for you to re-enter the modules. You don’t have to start over; you can simply select the modules with the lowest scores and retake the quizzes until you score 80.) On this same page, you can print your completion certificate, but you don’t need to submit it to the IRB-SBS. The IRB-SBS will be notified that you have completed your training.

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