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This website was written for patients, students of all ages, parents, employees and employers, members of the University & Health System faculty and staff, and anybody else in the process of deciding whether to join
a research study at the University of Virginia.

The information on this website applies to both medical research studies (including clinical trials) and non-medical research studies. We hope this information will help you make the right decision for yourself about being in a research study at U.Va.

Questions, Concerns or Suggestions

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions about research, a research-related injury, or questions about your rights as a research participant, you may call the Office of Vice President for Research at (434)924-6853. Please call this number if you cannot contact the research staff or if you wish to talk to someone other than the researchers.  You may leave an anonymous message or you may leave your name and phone number if you would like a response.

Asking the researcher to answer questions like these might improve your understanding and help you decide whether to join the research study:

  1. Why am I being asked to participate in the research study?

  2. ¿Qué si el investigador no comparte mis creencias culturales o habla mi idioma primario?

  3. Will the research help me?

Read on for more questions you can ask…