Research Around UVA

3D-bioprinting at The Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing

This video demonstrates Organovo’s 3D Bioprinter and UVA’s private/public partnership with them to develop implantable therapeutics for the treatment of Volumetric Muscle Loss (VML) injuries to wounded warriors and civilians.

In response to a proposal from Peirce-Cottler and Christ, the University, through its Strategic Investment Fund (SIF), is providing $3 million to establish the Center for Advanced Biomanufacturing and secure some of most advanced 3D bioprinting as well as tissue and materials characterization equipment available.

The center is building on an exceptionally strong foundation. In 2015, the University purchased two of the most advanced 3D bioprinters available anywhere from a Swiss company. It placed one in Peirce-Cottler’s lab and the other in the lab of transplant surgeon Kenneth Brayman. The printers have seen heavy use.

“There are now more of these Swiss-made 3D printers in the United States, but few institutions have the breadth of expertise in vascular biology, transplant surgery, and imaging to leverage their capabilities to the extent we can here at UVA,” Peirce-Cottler says. Continue reading...