Celebration of Service

We are asking our student service organizations to produce a short video that clearly communicates their mission and their work. Here are the submissions so far.

Submission Criteria

  • Videos may be from 30 seconds up to three minutes long describing the work.
  • A wide range of modalities are allowable from a simple narration of the work in front of a camera, a PowerPoint presentation with audio, a video production showing results or important artifacts from the community service or work in progress, and others that the presenters can imagine to effectively communicate their work to general audience.
  • There is no “judging”. This is simply a forum for student organizations to showcase their service efforts and receive feedback on how well the message is received, understood, and liked by general audience.
  • For more information visit the Celebration of Service site.

How to submit your video

Overview: You're going to need to upload the video to youtube following our instructions and then share your unlisted video with us so we can reupload it to the Vice President for Research at UVA Youtube Channel.

  1. Create your video and encode it using the recommended youtube upload settings.
  2. Log in to a youtube account and then navigate to the youtube upload page. (UVA student gmail accounts will not let you upload)upload video
  3. Upload your video as unlisted so it isn't public to the web and start editing the basic info.
  4. Basic Info Tab:
    • Title - Give your video a short descriptive title.
    • Description - Add a detailed description of the contents of your video expressing what you want to convey with your video. Here is where you would give credit to the video makers and the people in the video. You can also add links to your website or social media.
    • Tags - Enter at least 5 tags describing your video (ex. UVA, research, community service etc.). We will take these tags and attach them to the video when we re-upload your video. If you enter them in the tags box, we won't be able to add your tags.
    • Visibility - Set the visibility to unlisted so the public can't find it but we can.
    upload video
  5. Publish your video and send us your video link.

Congrats! You're done. We'll add your video to the Celebration of Service showcase.

Optional - Looking for more control over your video submission?

Do you have your own youtube channel you'd like to post the video on? Do you want to improve your video with advanced youtube features like annotations, end cards, and subtitles? If so, please contact us by email or by using the form below. Taking advandtage of these additional features will require your organization to have their own youtube account and abide by some UVA rules. If this option interests your group, here are some of the pros and cons of submitting your video this way.

  • Improve your video with extra youtube features - You can add annotations, end cards, subtitles, links to your group's website and other annimations to improve your video.
  • Build your own youtube presense - The video description will display as your own youtube channel so you can direct traffic and interest to your group instead of the video showing as posted by the Vice President for Research at UVA Youtube Channel You can post future videos to the channel you create and grow your own online presence. All views your video gets as a result of this showcase will be attributed to your channel which will increase your channels prominense in search results.
  • You will be able to better credit the creators of the video on your channel.
  • Extra work - Setting up your own channel will require some additional work on your part.
  • Channel must be UVA/Student Organization branded - You can't post your video to your personal youtube channel. We don't want you uploading the showcase video to your personal youtube channel where if people click on the channel they will see your playlists of your favorite cat videos or music. The channel will have to be connected to your reserach and uva only. Take a look at the UVA youtube channel and the Vice President for Research at UVA youtube channel for examples of what is required of UVA branding. It's essentially just a UVA image as your profile image and a UVA or student related picture in your channel art. Most of what we're asking is that you don't have unrelated content cluttering your channel

If you decide that you want to post the vidoe on your own channel please follow these separate instructions.

Optional instructions for uploading to your own channel